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Jim Kociuba 

Komorebi Paintings

 Inspired by the Japanese word that describes sunlight  filtering through the leaves of trees - my painting process is the result of a struggle between traditional painting techniques and a representation of digital pointillism.   
24 x 24 inches and 48 x 36 inches

All copyrights are reserved on all paintings and their images
No NFT's or prints available- Just original acrylic paintings

Maple Pollen
It fell in my path and I followed
Spring Pollen
Jumping the Fence
Quaking Aspen, Summer
Birch Ledge
Early Autumn Maple
Rainy Maples
Autumn Aspen
Maple Memory
Dreamer's Paths
When the Sugar Maple Turns to Rainbows
Early Fall, Maple
Breaking Through
Spring Birches
Spring Gold
Shining Through
Early Fall
That Middle Tree
Quaking Aspen
Komorebi Blush
Summer Maple - SOLD
October Maple - SOLD
Autumn Maple - SOLD
Maple Bereeze - SOLD
Autumn Oak - SOLD